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Operator Qualification - Are you in compliance?

The Operator Qualification Rule (OQ Rule) 49 CFR Parts 192 and 195, requires that operators and contractors who work on DOT pipelines be in compliance. The objective of the OQ rule is to have the operators be responsible for improving the quality of the workforce on DOT pipelines including company employees and contract employees. Operators are required to have a written qualification program in place. We assist and provide employee evaluations as required by pipeline operators who require VERIFORCE.

We at J&J Evaluators have over 70 plus years of combined pipeline experience. Our expertise includes locating and marking pipelines, compressor station operations, upgrading pipelines, coating repairs onshore and offshore, compressor installations and removals, cathodic surveys, hot taps, hydrostatic testing as well as other requirements. We also provide training in the CCT task and Abnormal Operating Conditions.

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